Jan/San and You!

Posted on: March 31, 2016 10:00 am

Since 1970, CPCS has been known for its dedication to providing office paper products, as well as printer inks, toners and customization of almost anything you could imagine. In recent years, we have expanded to offer an incredible selection of office furniture at competitive prices. But what most people don’t know, we also offer a wide selection of Jan/San products!


A new definition…


What is Jan/San? Short for Janitorial/sanitation, the traditional definition was any item used to clean, disinfect, and sanitize a work environment, to include products that related to the daily maintenance of that clean environment. Personal hygiene and safety/security items are also included in the broader definition of Jan/San. Our definition has expanded beyond this to include disposable foodservice and break room items, including coffee, but does not directly include other food and beverage items.

 It can spread…


Businesses everywhere are waking up to the fact that offices are a breeding ground for germs and to the health and economic issues associated with the spread of bacteria in the workplace. With so many health-related stories in the news like Bird Flu and MRSA, people want their office environments, as well as their homes, to be as clean and hygienic as possible. People don't like dirty desks or workspaces and they certainly don't want to be off sick or have employees off sick due to germs and bacteria. Cleaning products like multi-surface wipes in economy size packs are small investments, but they can help to create a more productive workspace.


Save time and money…


Almost every office setting these days has some sort of break room or bathroom that need to be kept clean. If your company doesn’t have a janitorial staff, then the products we offer are for you! We are your one stop shop for your office needs!

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