Paper, Paper and more Paper

Posted on: July 10, 2014 11:30 am

Got Paper?

While CPCS, Columbus Paper, does much more then just paper, we do carry an extensive line of papers.  From business and office papers, to commercial printing paper, digital printing paper, everyday black and white copy paper, high quality color copy paper, recycled paper, pin-fed paper and many more.  Call today 614.445.7135 to find out if we have the paper for you!

ColorLok Technology

With ColorLok papers, color is more persuasive. It provides paper with advanced technology for all office printing equipment, allowing you to achieve superior printing results. Whether using ColorLok papers in the office or at home, you can rely on consistent, high-quality documents from all of your office printers and copiers.

Xerox Business 4200

This 92 bright paper for everyday documents provides 99.99% jam-free operation.  Our workhouse everyday white paper is tested for dependability and reliability, saving you time and money with less equipment downtime, fewer service calls and greater productivity.


Suzano Report

100% Eucalyptus Fiber.  Sustainable eucalyptus fibers.  ColorLok technology for best print performance.  Elemental Chlorine Free makes it a great choice for the environment.  100% brightness gives it the best appearance for documents.  Ideal for inkjet, laser printing, plain fax, copy, high speed, black & white, color work and double-sided.   


Whiteness & Opacity - The superior opacity of Navigator Universal makes it ideal for double sided printing.  Surface cohesion - excellent runnability - The 99,99% paper jam free guarantee provides users the possibility to increase efficiency because jam reduction increases the production speed and reduces processing errors.  Smoother surface - improved print quality - Navigator developed an improved paper sheet surface which provides excellent printing quality. By improving toner adhesion and absorption, Navigator maximizes print results - more printed sheets with the same cartridge.
In addition, the smoother surface means lower toner consumption and reduced abrasiveness, improving the lifetime of office equipment, therefore reducing maintenance costs.


If it's important, trust Hammermill.  All printing papers are not the same. With Hammermill, you'll find a paper that's a perfect match for every office print station, home printer and even professional print shops. Your prints will be more meaningful because Hammermill makes everything look better.  This high-tech sheet transforms any document from ordinary to extraordinary. With incredible smoothness and illuminating brightness Laser Print makes your work look better.  For use in high-speed copiers. Perfect for everyday copying and printing, internal documents, reports, forms and faxes. Perfect for premium color copies, design proposals, full color presentations and photographic reproduction.

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